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1000 - Roger Capra
        - Calendar of Documents in France lists wife Petronillia son William
        - 20acres Cauville, 10 sesters grist Delbot's Mill 6 sester wheat d'Elbot
        - Abbey of St Mary 'Notre Dame' du Val 13 Augustine Monks
        - son William Capra Chievre
        - dau Beatrice Chievre
        - son Ralf de la Pommeraie
        - son Hugh de la Pommeraie
1066 - William "Guillame" Le Chievre 
        - Military Battle of Hastings
       Raul de La Pommeraie 
        - Military Battle of Hastings

1100 - Gosfred Chever - Charter at Montacute, Somerset 1128 - Sibylla (dau of William La Chievre Baron of Devon) - Married to Knight Robert de Cuilly - Princess of Tarragona by ArchBshp Oldigaire 1172 - Sir William Chevre - Strongbow Conquest of Ireland - Founder of the Irish House - His descendent married Strongbow's 1174 - Sir William Chever - Received Knight's fee Wexford Ireland
1207 - Sir William Chevre - Charter to Tintern Abbey 1207-1213 1215 - Sir William Chever - Magna Carta "Great Charter of the Liberties" 1220 - Sir William "Capra" Chevre - Grants to Theobald Walter - Cantred of Ofelmeth for 20 marks silver 1240 - Nicholas Chevre "Sir Nicholas de Chevers" - Thomas de Vel grants to Nicholas & heirs 5-1/2 carucates in Slekachely 1280 - Nicholas de Chevers - Bishop of Leighlin 1280 1297 - Knight David Chever - Witness to Geoffrey FitzRobert grant to William Kenefeg
1307 - "Knight" Patrick Chevre - Ally to Earl of Pembroke - Lord's Charter of Wexford Ireland - Knight's Fee through Earl of Pembroke "BallyHealy" 1317 - "Knight" Patrick Chevre - Patrons Charter of Wexford Ireland 1355 - Heyn Chevyr born. - Roll of Proprietors Wexford Ireland 1393 - Name spelled Sheves - Scotland
1403 - John Chevers - Mayor Wexford Ireland 1405 - John Chevers of BallyHealy born, son of Heyn Chevyr 1416 - John Chevers - Justice of the Peace Wexford Ireland - Grand Seneschal Wexford Ireland - 2nd Justice of Court of Common Pleas 1425 - John Chevers - Crown confirmed the Manors 1425 - William Chevers - Crown confirmed the Manors - Ballyhealy, Ballyclemhay, Ballycullen - 2nd Justice of Court of Common Pleas - Justice of the Kings Bench 1425 - William Chevir of BallyHealy born, son of John Chevers of BallyHealy 1440 - Walter "Gautier" Chevers born 1441 - Sir Edward Raleigh born. 1446 - William Chevir dies, husband of Alice Travers, son of John Chevers of BallyHealy , Jan 16 1446 1447 - Alice Travers Chevers dies, wife of William Chevir of BallyHealy Jul 31 1447 1455 - Walter "Gautier" Chevers married to Helen de Welles 1459 - John Chevyr Oyal Manor of Esker County Dublin Ireland born, son of John Chevers of BallyHealy 1470 - Nicholas Chevers born - Margaret Chevers of Lyons Kildare Ireland born, daughter of Walter Chevers & Helen de Welles 1473 - Edward Raleigh born, son of Sir Edward Raleigh. 1478 - William Shevez - Arch bishop of St Andrews Scotland 1483 - Walter "Gautier" Chevers dies, husband of Helen "Ellen" de Welles, son of William Chevir & Alice Travers of BallyHealy Ireland 1495 - Sir Walter Chevers of Macetown Ireland born, husband of Eleanor StLawrence, son of Nicholas & Allison FitzSimon Chevers 1498 - Joan Chevers of Ballyhaly Ireland born, daughter of Nicholas Chevers & Allison FitzSimon
1504 - Nicholas Chevers dies, husband of Allison FitzSimon, husband of Genet, son of Walter & Helen de Welles Chevers 1514 - Margaret Chevers wife of Bertholomew Aylmer dies, daughter of Walter & Helen de Welles Chevers 1541 - Sir Walter Chevers of Macetown Ireland knighted. 1599 - John Chevers - Truce with Ireland
1637 - Ezekiel Cheever Arrived at Boston aboard the ship Hector Helped to found New Haven 1638 - Ezekiel Cheever Teaching Latin from his house in New Haven 1640 - Henry Chevers from Monkstown - Ireland Catholic Massacre 1640-1646 John Chevers from Killyan - Ireland Catholic Massacre 1640-1646 1653 - Walter Chevers - Ireland displacement by Cromwell Thomas Chevers - Ireland displacement by Cromwell 1681 - William Chivers signs his name as William Shivers - Recieved land from Guardian - Land Deeds 1663-1681 Surry County, Va 1692 - Richard Chivers - Listed as Cordwainer (shoemaker) 1694 - Boston Massachusetts 1694 - Richard Shivers - Master of Barque Portsmouth Adventure Massachusetts 1694 - Richard Shivers - Records of Commonwealth Massachusetts 1698 - Thomas Shivers - Surry County , Va Tithables
1701 - Birth - John Shivers - b. 1701 Baltimore Md 1702 - Birth - John Shivers - d. Oct 1776 b. 1702 New Jersey 1720 - Birth - Jonas Shivers - prob Surry County Va. 1724 - Mar 19 - Robert Shivers purchased Land from Barnaby McKenzie - Isle of Wight County, Va 1725 - William Shivers deed land by gift to Tom Shivers - Nansemond County Virginia 1742 - Dec 6 - Jonas Shivers purchased land from Thomas Holladay - Isle of Wight County, Va 1750 - Birth - Jonas Shivers - Oct 14 1750 - Isle of Wight Virginia 1759 - Birth - Jesse B Shivers Sr - Pitt County Nc 1762 - Death - James Shivers - Feb 12 1762 - Fredrick County Md 1765 - Death - Henry Shivers - Isle of Wight Virginia 1775 - Birth - Barnaby Shivers - Isle of Wight Virginia 1775 - Birth - Jonas Shivers - Pitt County Nc. 1776 - Revolutionary War Malachie Chevers - Sgt. 10th Nc Cont Line - Revolutionary War John Shaffer - Pvt NC CONT'L LINE - Revolutionary War Richard Shaffer - Revolutionary War John Shivers Jr. - Capt Longstreet Nj 2nd Reg Sussex - Revolutionary War Josiah Shivers - NJ Revolutionary War James Shivers - Pvt 10th Reg Quinns Co Nc Troops - Revolutionary War William Shivers - Revolutionary War Elisha Shivers - Revolutionary War Henry Shivers - Revolutionary War Reuben Shivers - Revolutionary War Thomas Shivers - Revolutionary War Jesse B Shivers - Revolutionary War Joseph Shivers - Revolutionary War James R Shivers - Revolutionary War Jonas Shivers Sr.(GA) - Revolutionary War Jonas Shivers Jr.(GA) - Revolutionary War Jonas Shivers Jr.(NC) - Revolutionary War 1780 - Birth - Adam Shivers d. 1830 1784 - Birth - James Adolphus Shivers - Edgecomb Nc 1785 - William Shivers - Sept 30 1785 - Grant # 2774 - 640 Acres to Heirs - Revolutionary Bounty Land Grant 1785 - Birth - Brinson Shivers est. Duplin Nc 1786 - Birth - Clement Shivers - 1786 - Pitt County Nc. 1788 - Birth - Jesse B Shivers Jr - Feb 22 1788 - Pitt County Nc 1790 - Birth - James MArklin Shivers Oct 17 1790 - Pitt County Nc 1792 - Birth - Margaret "Ann" Shivers 1792 - Pitt County Nc 1792 - Birth - Burton F Shivers 1793 - Birth - William M Shivers 1793 - Pitt County Nc 1795 - Birth - Benjamin "William" Shivers Mar 17 1795 - Pitt County NC 1797 - Birth - Cornelius Shivers - Fredrick County Md 1797 - Death - Jonas Shivers - 1797-1806 estimated - Pitt County Nc 1798 - Birth - Emanuel Shivers
1806 - James Shivers - Dec 12 1806 - 274 Acres to Heirs - Revolutionary Bounty Land Grant 1808 - James Shivers - Dec 19 1808 - 366 Acres to Heirs - Revolutionary Bounty Land Grant 1811 - Samuel Shivers - Tippecanoe War 1812 - Benjamin Shivers - War of 1812-1816 Emanuel Shivers - War of 1812-1816 George Shivers - War of 1812-1816 James Marklin Shivers - War of 1812-1816 Thomas Wilson Shivers - War of 1812-1816 Willis Shivers - War of 1812-1816 1812 - Birth - Luther Shivers - Pitt County Nc 1813 - Birth - Asa Shivers - Pitt County Nc 1815 - Birth - Orlando Lunsford Shivers - Feb 14 1815 - Pitt County Nc 1816 - Birth - John W Shivers - Pitt County Nc 1818 - Birth - Riggin S Shivers Jul 9 1818 - Pitt County Nc 1818 - Birth - Jesse Marklin Shivers Jul 29 1818 - Pitt County Nc 1818 - Nov 27 Jeremiah Shivers deed by Administrator John Peter Shivers to Henry Lenow Isle of Wight County, Va 1819 - Mar 30 John Peter Shivers married Temperance Doyle Southampton County, Virginia 1819 - Birth - Jesse Bryan Shivers - Aug 28 1819 - Pitt County Nc. 1820 - Birth - Roderick James Powell Shivers Jul 24 1820 - Pitt County Nc 1822 - Birth - Smithy Shivers - Pitt County Nc 1823 - Birth - Evelea Permelia Shivers - Jul 28 1823 - Bertie County Nc 1824 - Birth - Shadrick William Shivers - Pitt County Nc 1828 - Birth - Penelope Catherine Shivers - Mar 29 1828 - Pitt County Nc 1825 - Birth - Amy Caroline Shivers - Dec 3 1825 - Pitt County Nc 1830 - Birth - William Henry Shivers - Mar 3 1830 - Pitt County NC 1831 - Birth - Margaret Alameta Shivers - Nov 12 1831 - Pitt County Nc 1832 - Jesse B Shivers Jr (FL) - Black Hawk War 1833 - Birth - James Benjamin Shivers - Oct 27 1833 - Pitt County NC 1836 - Roderick JP Shivers - War of Texas Independence William Rabun Shivers - War of Texas Independence 1845 - Peter, George, Jane Dumfrieze Scotland 1846 - John W Shivers - Mexican War 1846-1848 Jesse Marklin Shivers - Mexican War 1846-1848 Joseph Henry Shivers - Mexican War 1846-1848 Offa Lunsford Shivers - Mexican War 1846-1848 Roderick JP Shivers - Mexican War 1846-1848 Shadrick William Shivers - Mexican War 1846-1848 William Rabun Shivers - Mexican War 1846-1848 1861 - Alexander C Shivers - Civil War Confederate Barnaby Shivers - Civil War Confederate Benjamin Franklin Shivers - Civil War Confederate Christopher Columbus 'Lum' Shivers - Civil War Confederate David Shivers - Civil War Confederate Jabez S Shivers - Civil War Confederate James Shivers (Union) - Civil War James Adolphus Shivers - Civil War Confederate James Evans Shivers - Civil War Confederate James McLaurin Shivers - Civil War Confederate James T Shivers - Civil War Confederate Jesse Briley Shivers - Civil War Confederate John Bolin Shivers - Civil War Confederate John Milner Shivers - Civil War Confederate John Wilson Shivers - Civil War Confederate Jonas Cowan Shivers - Civil War Confederate Joseph H Shivers - Civil War Confederate Richard H Shivers - Civil War Confederate Robert W Shivers (Union) - Civil War Samuel Shivers (Union) - Civil War Samuel B Shivers - Civil War Confederate Shadrick W Shivers - Civil War Confederate Washington Lafayet Shivers - Civil War Confederate William Shivers (Union) - Civil War William Rabun Shivers - Civil War Confederate Wilson Shivers Jr. - Civil War Confederate Zachary T Shivers - Civil War Confederate
1914 - Melvin Theophilus Shivers - World War 1 Lee Roy Shivers - World War 1 Rufus William Shivers Sr. - World War 1 Harry Franklin Shivers - World War 1 Charley William Shivers - World War 1 Dudley Jones Shivers - World War 1 Jeff Davis Shivers - World War 1 Jesse Dewey Shivers - World War 1 McKinley Hobert Shivers - World War 1 William B Shivers - World War 1 Thomas Crittenden Shivers - World War 1 Alexander Great Shivers - World War 1 Carl Emerson Shivers - World War 1 Hubert Wesley Shivers - World War 1 John Horace Shivers - World War 1 Willian Ed Gar Shivers - World War 1 Jesse Ester Shivers - World War 1 Joseph Edmond Shivers - World War 1 Robert Larrymore Shivers - World War 1 Richard Elmer Shivers - World War 1 William Foster Shivers - World War 1 James Warren Shivers - World War 1 Horace Eugene Shivers - World War 1 William Hall Shivers - World War 1 Ernest Eraine Shivers - World War 1 Allen Shivers - World War 1 Climer Shivers - World War 1 Houstin Shivers - World War 1 George W Shivers - World War 1 John Henry Shivers - World War 1 Walter Jefferson Shivers - World War 1 Frank Edward Shivers - World War 1 Jack Cocke Shivers - World War 1 Fountain Shivers - World War 1 Richard Shivers - World War 1 Robert Sterling Shivers - World War 1 Edd Shivers - World War 1 George Evan Shivers - World War 1 Grover Cleveland Shivers - World War 1 Villie Pique Shivers - World War 1 Web Dampeir Shivers - World War 1 Gilbert B Shivers - World War 1 Porter Houston Shivers - World War 1 J.D. Shivers - World War 1 Boss Shivers - World War 1 George Shivers - World War 1 John William Shivers - World War 1 Bob Shivers - World War 1 Tom Ethel Shivers - World War 1 Willis Jackson Shivers - World War 1 1939 - Harry Franklin Shivers Jr - World War 2 1950 - Raymon E Shivers - Korean War Eugene Edward Shivers - Korean War 1961 - Roger Brown Striklin Jr. - Vietnam War John E Shivers - Vietnam War Donald Gerald Stricklin - Vietnam War

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1066 - Halley's Comet appears, Harold H is crowned
       Norman Invasion - William of Normandy lands at Pevensey
       Harold H killed at Battle of Hastings - William I the Conqueror crowned

1100 - William Rufus killed accidentally by Sir Walter Tyrel Colonization of Polynesia via S. America 1172 - Queen Eleanor raises Aquitaine against Henry II Henry II reconciles with the Pope
1209 - King John invades Scotland and is excommunicated 1213 - King John of England makes England and Ireland papal fiefs 1215 - Frederick II crowned at Aix-la-Chapelle King John seals Magna Carta at Runnymede Dominican Friars founded 1216 - King John dies, succeeded by Henry III French attempt to invade England 1217 - French defeated and abort invation attempt in England 1225 - Magna Carta reissued for third time 1233 - Rebellion of Earl of Pembroke 1257 - Richard of Cornwall elected King of the Romans crowned at Aix-la-Chapelle 1267 - The Aztecs arrive in the Valley of Mexico
1307 - Edward I dies succeeded by Edward II(d.1327) 1308 - Edward II coronated 1310 - Edward II forced to appoint Lords Ordainers 1314 - Battle of Bannockburn Edward II routed against Scots 1316 - Edward Bruce crownded King of Ireland 1318 - Edward Bruce King of Ireland killed at Battle of Faughart near Dundalk 1326 - Isabella wife of Edward II w/lover Roger Mortimer capture the King of England. 1327 - Edward II deposed by Parlament, murdered at Berkeley Castle Edward II succeeded by Edward III 1337 - Edward III claims French crown as King of France Beginning of the Hundred Years War 1347 - Black Death devastates Europe-third of population by 1349 1357 - Revolution against the Dauphin in Paris by Marcel & Robert le Coq 1370 - Crossbow introduced into Battle 1377 - Edward III succeeded by granson Richard II(d.1399) 1381 - Venice wins Hundred Years War against Genoa 1388 - Battle of Chevy Chase Scots defeat English 1389 - William of Wykeham Lord Chancellor of England, Truce between England,Frane,Scotland 1394 - Richard II starts expedition against Ireland 1395 - Ireland rulors do homage to Richard II for amnesty 1399 - Richard II deposed, Henry of Lancaster (son of John of Gaunt) succeeds throne as Henry IV
1400 - Henry IV suppresses Baron Rebellion Richard II murdered 1403 - Henry IV subdues Northumberland 1413 - Henry IV dies succeeded by son Henry V 1415 - Frederick III Holy Roman Emperor 1452-1493) born Sep 21 1415 - - Born at the Tyrolean residence of Innsbruck - - Eldest son of the Inner Austrian Duke Ernest the Iron & second wife Cymburgis of Masovia 1423 - Louis XI son of Charles VII (King of France 1461-1483) born in Bourges Jul 3 1423 - - Granson of Yolande of Aragon - - Louis X Christened at Cathedral of St Etienne Jul 4 1423 1424 - Austrian Duke Ernest the Iron dies father of Frederick III - - Brother of Ernest the Iron was Duke Frederick IV of Tyrol 1431 - Joan of Arc executed May 31 1431 1436 - Count Friedrich VII of Toggenburg dies leaving no will or heir. 1436 - Louis X married Margaret of Scotland daughter of King James I of Scotland - - Louis X 13yrs old - Margaret 11yrs old - - Jun 25 1436 Wedding Castle of Tours by Renaud of Chartres Archbishop of Reims 1437 - Paris liberated by Louis X & Charles VII Nov 12 1437 1439 - Heirs to French throne receive title Conte du Dauphine 1439 - Duke Frederick IV dies 1440 - Old Zurich war begins 1440 - Louis XI declares war on father Charles VII known as Praguerie, father entrusts mgmt of Dauphine to Louis XI 1443 - Zurich forces defeated & besieged at Battle of St. Jakob an der Sihl Jul 22 1443 1444 - 1445 - Margaret of Scotland wife of Louis X dies ago 20 1445 - Henry VI of England marries Margaret of Anjou 1477 - Maximilian I marries Mary of Burgandy heiress to Dutchy of Burgundy. 1483 - Louis XI King of France dies Aug 30 1483 1493 - Frederick III dies husband of Eleanor of Portugal father of Maximilian I 1498 - Philip the Handsome(son of Maximilian I & Mary of Burgundy) marries Joanna of Castile
1508 - Maximilian I elected Holy Roman Emperor by Oioe Julius II at Trent. 1519 - Maximilian I Holy Roman Emperor Dies 1519 - CharlesI elected Holy Roman Emperor 1521 - Battle of Villalar 1599 - Earl of Essex made Lord Lieutenant of Ireland signs Rebel truce w/Lord Tyrone
1600 - Earl of Essex tried for Misdemeanors in Ireland, loses office. 1601 - Earl of Essex leads revold against Elizabeth I, tried and executed for treason. 1620 - Mayflower arrives in Massachusetts - Plymouth Rock 1639 - Connecticut colony organizes under Fundamental Orders, Mustapha I sultan of Turkey (1622-23), dies and in 1640 Portugal regains independence after 60 years of Spanish rule 1641 - Catholic rebellion in Ireland 1642 - English Civil War begins 1643 - Sir Isaac Newton born (gravity) 1646 - English Civil War ends with Religious Reforms 1647 - English Civil War Charles I taken prisoner 1648 - Cromwell demands end of allegiance to the King, Charles I taken to trial. 1649 - Charles I beheaded, Cromwell invades Ireland sacking Drogheda and Wexford 1650 - Cromwell creates Permanent Economic Council 1655 - CRomwell divides England 1657 - Cromwell refuses title of King. 1657 - Boston Measles 1665 - English King Charles II declares war on Netherlands; English rename New Amsterdam, New York, after Dutch pull out 1687 - Boston Measles 1689 - English King Willem III declares war on France, English Parliament guarantees freedom of religion for Protestants, Scotland dismisses Willem III & Mary Stuart as king & queen 1690 - New York Yellow Fever
1713 - Boston Measles 1714 - Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach German composer, son of JS Bach, is born; Typewriter patented by Englishman Henry Mill (built years later) 1729 - Boston Measles 1732 - Worldwide Influenza 1732-1733 1738 - South Carolina Smallpox 1739 - Boston Measles 1739-1740 1747 - CT,NY,PA,SC Measles 1759 - N. America [areas inhabited by white people] Measles 1759 - Jesuits are forced out of France 1760 - The Cherokee War (1760-61) ends in a treaty that opens the Up County for settlement. The Bounty At of 1761 offers public land tax free for ten years, and settlers from other colonies begin pouring into the Carolina "Up Country". 1761 - North America and West Indies Influenza 1763 - Seven Year's War ends; Peace is established in Paris between France, Spain, England and Portugal 1764 - St Louis founded as a French trading post by Pierre Laclade Ligue, 1764 - Britain passes the Sugar Act forbids American importation of foreign rum and taxing imported molasses, wine, silk, coffee, and a number of other luxury items. 1766 - Britain passes the Stamp Act taxing all colonial newspapers, advertisements, leases, licenses, pamphlets, and legal documents. Later the same year, Britain repeals the Stamp Act in Britain -- but it continues to be enforced on colonists in North America 1767 - Jesuits are forced out of Spanish America 1769 - The first steam engine is invented by Watt 1772 - North America Measles 1773 - Angered by the tea tax of 1767 and the British East India Company's monopoly on tea trade, the independent New England colonial merchants dump the precious cargo overboard into the Boston harbor. This incident is called the Boston Tea Party. 1774 - The First Continental Congress of fifty-five representatives (except from the colony of Georgia) meets in Philadelphia to discuss relations with Britain, the possibility of independence, and the hope of a peaceful solution. King George III scorns the thought of reconciliation and declares the colonies to be in a state of open rebellion. 1775 - On April 18th, Paul Revere makes his famous ride proclaiming "The British are Coming" and the American Revolution War begins. Britain hires 29,000 German mercenaries to handle conflict in North America. 1775 On April 18th, Paul Revere makes his famous ride proclaiming "The British are Coming" and the American Revolution War begins. Britain hires 29,000 German mercenaries to handle conflict in North America. 1775 N. America [especially hard in NE] epidemic Unknown 1775-6 Worldwide [one of the worst epidemics] Influenza 1776 July 4th, American Revolution War ends and the United States of America is officially created. 1777 The concept of chemical compounds is conceived by Lavoisier 1778 Alliance between United States and France 1779 Spain declares war on England 1780 Josef II abolishes serfdom in Hungary; England declares war on Holland 1783 Charles Town is officially renamed Charleston, SC. 1783 The hot air balloon is invented by Michel and Montgolfier and the first people in modern history fly at an altitude of 1800 m. 1783 Peace established at Versailles between France, England, Spain and United States; Britain cedes all lands west to the Mississippi River 1783 Dover, DE ["extremely fatal"] Bilious Disorder 1785 The power loom was invented by Cartwright to produce cloth. 1787 Constitution of the United States is signed 1787 Catherine the Great leads Russia into war with Turkey 1788 Russia begins war with Sweden 1788 South Carolina joins the United States of America. State government is moved from Charleston to Columbia two years later. 1788 Philadelphia and New York Measles 1789 Ben Franklin writes "Nothing . . . certain but death & taxes" ; Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre developed a method of photography, North Carolina ratifies constitution, becomes 12th US state; George Washington inaugurated as 1st president of US 1789 French feudal system is abolished with the Declaration of Rights of Man. Outbreak of hostilities in France with the fall of the Bastille on July 14; Revolution in Austrian Netherlands declares independence as Belgium 1792 French Revolutionary Wars begin and the French royal family is imprisoned the following year 1793 The cotton gin was invented by Whitney. 1793 Marie Antoinette is executed; Fugitive Slave Act passed; Roman Catholic faith is banned in France; France declares war on Britain and Holland. 1793 Vermont [a "putrid" fever] and Influenza 1793 VA [killed 500 in 5 counties in 4 weeks] Influenza 1793 Philadelphia [one of the worst epidemics] Yellow Fever 1793 Harrisburg, PA [many unexplained deaths] Unknown 1793 Middletown, PA [many mysterious deaths] Unknown 1794 Philadelphia, PA Yellow Fever 1794 The United States establishes the Navy 1795 White Terror and bread riots in Paris 1796 Napoleon marries Josephine de Beauharnais 1796-7 Philadelphia, PA Yellow Fever 1797 Napoleon proclaims the Venetian Constitution, founds Ligurian Republic in Genoa 1798 Philadelphia, PA [one of the worst] Yellow Fever 1799 The Rosetta Stone was discovered
1800 Seat of U.S. government moves from Philadelphia to Washington DC 1800 The first battery was invented by Volta 1803 New York Yellow Fever 1805 Federal Road project begins after the Creek Indians give the U.S. permission to develop a .horse path. through their nation that will provide better mail delivery between Washington City (DC) and New Orleans. Soon settlers are traveling and settling along this path to settle the southern frontier. 1806 Lewis and Clark Expedition, which began in 1804, ends. News of the rich lands to the west begins to spread. 1807 The first steamboat was invented by Fulton 1811 Tecumseh's emerging Indian Confederacy is defeated at the Battle of Tippecanoe in Ohio. Afterwards, Tecumseh and his brother travel from their Shawnee homes in the north to recruit and unify the southern Indians. 1812 War of 1812 begins and will continue for until 1814. Some call it the Second War of Independence because the US fights Great Britain to a stalemate, Americas independence was assured. 1812 The Creek tribes in southern Alabama and Georgia find themselves under increasing pressure from white settlers. Led by Chief Weatherford, they accepted an alliance with Tecumseh and are nicknamed "Red Sticks". 1813 Fort Mims is attacked on August 13 by the Red Sticks while the inhabitants are eating their noon meal. The massacre brings an immediate response from the whites and soldiers are recruited from Tennessee, Georgia and other territories. 1814 Battle at Horseshoe Bend on March 27, leaves the Creek Red Sticks scattered and unorganized. Those that survive the battle flee south into northern Florida and band together as the Seminoles. Red Eagle (Billy Weatherford) surrenders to General Andrew Jackson at Fort Jackson later in the year. 1814 Battle of Burnt Corn -- The town of Burnt corn was a community of mixed bloods in the Alabama area. 1814 The first locomotive engine was created by Stephenson 1814 Forces allied against Napoleon capture Paris France, Francis Scott Key inspired to write "The Star-Spangled Banner" , Treaty of Ghent (end of the War of 1812) signed 1819 Alabama admitted to the United States 1820-3 Nationwide [starts Schuylkill River and spreads] "Fever" 1830 Indian Removal Act signed and the moving of eastern Indians west of the Mississippi begins. 1830 The first railroad is constructed between Liverpool and Manchester, England 1830 South Carolina becomes the first state to secede from the Union, setting the stage for the creation of the Confederacy. 1831-2 Nationwide [brought by English emigrants] Asiatic Cholera 1832 NY City and other major cities Cholera 1833 Santa Anna is elected President of Mexico 1833 Columbus, OH, Cholera 1834 New York City, Cholera 1837 Philadelphia Typhus 1839 Goodyear invents vulcanized rubber, opening the door for tires and other rubber products. 1839 1st celestial photograph (the moon) made in US, John Draper, New York New York; George Armstrong Custer Major General (Union volunteers, of Little Big Horn fame) born; Steam shovel patented by William Otis, Philadelphia; Paul CÚzanne France, impressionist painter, born; Tea from India 1st arrives in UK 1840 Oregon Trail is established 1841 Nationwide [especially severe in the south] Yellow Fever 1844 The first telegraph message is sent by Morse, who later invents the Mores Code 1847 New Orleans Yellow Fever 1847-8 Worldwide Influenza 1848-9 North America Cholera 1849 New York, and 1851 Coles Co., IL, The Great Plains, and Missouri - Cholera 1850 Nationwide Yellow Fever 1850-1 North America Influenza 1852 Nationwide [New Orleans-8,000 die in summer] Yellow Fever 1853 The process of creating steel is invented by Besermer in Britain and Kelly in the U.S. 1855 Nationwide [many parts] Yellow Fever 1856 The first Neanderthal fossils are found near Germany 1857-9 Worldwide [one of the greatest epidemics] Influenza 1858 Pitt County NC Courthouse burned by Tennesseean 1859 Charles Darwin publishes "Origin of Species" and begins the evolution theory. 1860 Presidential election puts Abraham Lincoln in office. The campaign has heated the issues regarding slavery in the south. 1860 About 63,000 men from South Carolina served in the Confederate armed forces. 1860-1 Pennsylvania Smallpox 1861 American Civil war begins at Ft. Sumter, located in Charleston Harbor, VA. 1864 George Washington Carver born; Nevada admitted as 36th state, General Sherman's armies reach Savannah & 12 day siege begins; Confederate sub "HL Hunley" sinks Union ship "Housatonic" (1st submarine to sink an enemy ship) 1865-73 Philadelphia, NY, Boston, New Orleans} {Smallpox Baltimore, Memphis, Washington DC} Cholera and a series of recurring epidemics of: Typhus, Typhoid, Scarlet Fever, Yellow Fever 1873-5 North America and Europe Influenza 1878 New Orleans [last great epidemic] Yellow Fever 1885 Plymouth, PA Typhoid 1886 Jacksonville, FL Yellow Fever 1889 1st trainload of fruit (oranges) leaves Los Angeles for the eastern US; Dakotas, Montana & Washington admitted as states; 1st ship-to-shore wireless message received in US; Jawaharlal Nehru 1st Indian Prime Minister is born
1911 Madam Marie Curie wins Nobel Prize for chemistry; Irvin Berlin writes "Alexander's Ragtime Band" 1914 US State Department starts requiring photographs for passports, 1st patent for liquid-fueled rocket design granted (Dr R Goddard) ; Austria-Hungary attacks Serbia-WW I begins ; 1st transcontinental phone link made between New York City & San Francisco 1918 (high point year) Influenza Worldwide more people were hospitalized in WWI from this epidemic than wounds. US Army training camps became death camps, with 80% death rate in some camps. 1928 First color motion pictures demonstrated by George Eastman 1931 Empire State Building opens in New York City, the tallest building in the world at 102 stories 1939 Ernst Heinkel demonstrates 800-kph rocket plane to Hitler; Guy Lombardo & Royal Canadians 1st record "Auld Lang Syne" ; Pope Pius XII crowned in Vatican ceremonies; World premiere of "Gone With The Wind" in Atlanta Georgia; Montgomery Ward introduces Rudolph the 9th reindeer; 1st commercial manufacture of nylon yarn, Seaford Delaware 1953 Salk vaccine proves effective against polio; "Red Scare" period initiated by Sen. Joseph McCarthy, leads to blacklisting in the movie industry 1964 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Dr Martin Luther King Jr; Walt Disney's "Mary Poppins" released; US begins bombing North Vietnam; Beatles land at New York's John F. Kennedy airport, for 1st US tour; 1st BASIC program runs on a computer (Dartmouth) 1972 Hewlett-Packard introduces the HP-35, the first scientific handheld calculator. 1989 US launches Magellan to Venus; Kenya announces worldwide ban on ivory to preserve its elephant herds; Beijing students take over Tiananmen Square in China; US invades Panama and ousts General Noriega 1997 Space Shuttle Atlantis docks with Mir Space Station, Discovery captures Hubble Space Telescope; Scientists in Scotland announced they succeeded in cloning an adult mammal, producing a lamb named "Dolly"

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