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1722 - John Shivers marriage to Eleanor Howard

1890 - William A Shivers - Occupation Shoemaker - Baltimore City Directory
     - Emanuel Shivers - Occupation Shoemaker - Baltimore City Directory
     - John H Shivers - Occupation Carpenter - Baltimore City Directory
     - Malvina Shivers - Widow of John - Baltimore City Directory

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				   17.1 Thomas Chevers - The Younger 
                                     b. 1643  
                                     d. 1729 Maryland
                                     sp: ? Ann Griffen
                                      18.1 Thomas Shivers III
                                      18.2 John Shivers  b.1669 Maryland 
                                       sp. Sarah Johnson
                                        19.1 John Shivers  
                                         b.1701 Baltimore Maryland 
                                         d. Frederick Maryland
                                         m. Jul 24 1722 Ann Arundel County, Md
                                         sp. Eleanor Howard
                                          20.1 Nicholas Shivers b.Maryland
                                           sp. unknown
                                            21.1 Cornelius Shivers b.1797 Frederick Maryland
                                             sp. Susanna Young
                                              22.1 Clara Shivers
                                              22.2 Cornelius Washington Shivers 
                                               b. 1841 Maryland
                                               m. Feb 21 1867 Frederick County, Maryland
                                               sp. Mary Catherine Henry
                                                23.1 Elizabeth Brown 
                                                 b.1865 Maryland
                                             sp. Micha Smith
                                            21.2 John Shivers 
                                             b. 1797 Frederick County, Maryland
                                             d. abt 1872
                                             sp. Clarissa Cross
                                            21.3 Joshua Shivers 
                                             b.1797 Frederick County, Maryland
                                             d.Jan 28 1861 Libertytown Frederick County, Maryland
                                             m. Mar 8 1820
                                             sp. Margaret De Berry
                                              22.1 Jeanette Shivers
                                              22.2 Thomas Shivers
                                              22.3 Dr Nicholas Shivers 
                                               b.1828 Mt Airy Maryland
                                               m.1851 Hagerstown, Maryland
                                               sp. Evelyn Melvena Gothorp
                                                23.1 Richard Shivers b. 1853
                                                23.2 Fanny Melvena Shivers
                                                 b. May 23 1854 Maryland
                                                 sp. J. Henry C Grahe
                                                  24.1 William Grahe
                                                  24.2 F. Keefer Grahe
                                                  24.3 Fanny Virinia "Collaye" Grahe
                                                  24.4 Rose P Grahe
                                                23.3 Ida Shivers
                                                 sp. Harry Williamson
                                                  24.1 Derwood Williamson
                                                  24.2 Esther Williamson
                                                23.4 Emma Laura Shivers
                                                 sp. Rev John L Turner
                                                23.5 George Benjamin Shivers
                                                 sp. Lottie Mae Simpson
                                                  24.1 Robert Gordon Shivers
                                                23.6 Clinton Shivers
                                                23.7 William A Shivers
                                                  24.1 Marie Shivers
                                              22.4 George Shivers
                                               sp. Susannah
                                                23.1 Allie M Shivers
                                              22.5 Elizabeth Shivers
                                              22.6 Edward Shivers
                                              22.7 Jesse W Shivers "Carpenter"
                                               b. Nov 28 1838 - Johnsville, Maryland
                                               d. Dec 23 1869 - Frederick County, Maryland
                                               sp. Rachel Rebecca Biddinger
                                                23.1 John Edward Shivers 
                                                 b. Mar 20 1871 - Johnsville, Maryland
                                                 sp. Nellie W Northrup
                                                  24.1 Carl E Shivers
                                                23.2 Neetie May Shivers
                                                 b. 1874 - Maryland
                                                 sp. John Jones
                                                23.3 Daniel Jesse Shivers
                                              22.8 Lydia Shivers
                                               b. Mt Airy Maryland
                                               sp. John W Knight
                                              22.9 John Shivers
                                              22.10 Washington Shivers

Census Images on File from Maryland

John Shivers Dst. 8, Frederick, MD 
Joshua Shivers Dst. 8, Frederick, MD 
Nicholas Shivers Dst. 8, Frederick, MD
Thomas Shivers Dst. 8, Frederick, MD 

Richard T , Calvert, MD
Cornelious Shivers , Frederick, MD
John Shivers , Frederick, MD 
Joshua Shivers , Frederick, MD 


Clara Shivers Dst. 8, Frederick, MD    
Clarisa Shivers Dst. 8, Frederick, MD    
Cornelious Shivers Dst. 8, Frederick, MD    
John Shivers Dst. 8, Frederick, MD    
John Shivers New Market, Frederick, MD    
Joshua Shivers Dst. 8, Frederick, MD    
Margarett Shivers Dst. 8, Frederick, MD    
Susanna Shivers Dst. 8, Frederick, MD    
Thomas Shivers Dst. 8, Frederick, MD    
Washington Shivers Dst. 8, Frederick, MD   


Cornelious Shivers 
Ed Shivers

Edward Shivers

Daniel Shivers , Carroll, MD
Jesse W Shivers , Carroll, MD
Jehu Shivers , Worchester, MD

Marriage Licenses of Frederick County, Maryland: 1811-1840
Aug 15 1818  Cross, Clarissa to Shivers, John

Records of marriages and burials in the Monocacy Church in Frederick County, Maryland, and in the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation in the city of Frederick, Maryland, 1743-1811 Rowser's Addition 237acres Peter Shiver 1796 Shovers Disappointment 3 1/4 acres Peter Shover Shaver's Rest 189 1/2 Acres Henry Shaver 1786 Simon's Delight 150 Acres Peter Shover 1795 The Little Field Saved 4 acres Peter Shaver 1795
Union Mills Homestead Historic District is a national historic district at Westminster, Carroll County, Maryland, United States. It comprises a dwelling house, a grist mill, and a Bollman-design bridge. The Shriver Homestead was built in 1797 by Andrew and David Shriver and has been continually occupied by the family. The mill, also built 1797, is a large brick structure, built of locally manufactured brick laid in both Flemish bond and common bond. On June 30, 1863, General J.E.B. Stuart of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia camped at Union Mills and was hosted by part of the Shriver family. On the following day, General James Barnes of the 5th Corps of the Army of the Potomac arrived on the site and welcomed and entertained by other members of the family.[2] Union Mills was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.[1] The Union Mills Homestead was home to the Shriver family for 6 generations. It is currently a historic landmark located in Westminster, Maryland, about 17 miles south of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The Homestead is now a museum of American culture, operated by the Union Mills Homestead Foundation, a non-profit foundation with all proceeds dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Union Mills Homestead Complex. The building of the Shriver homestead[edit] The following passage is excerpted from "Union Mills: The Shriver Homestead Since 1797" by Frederic Shriver Klein, first published in The Maryland Historical Magazine in December 1957, and reprinted by the Union Mills Homestead Foundation. "The Shriver brothers bought a large tract of land along Big Pipe Creek, about seven miles north of Westminster and along early roads leading into Littlestown and Pennsylvania's roads toward the west. The junction of Pipe Creek and Deep Run furnished a strong flow of water for a mill in the wide valley, and gentle slopes on either side provided land for grazing, farming or settlement. Heavy stands of black oak would furnish tanbark for a tannery, and the Shrivers knew a good bit about tanning leather. At this time, Andrew Shriver was operating a store and tavern in Littlestown, Pennsylvania, and David was practicing as a civil engineer in Maryland. The original mill contract shows that on January 25, 1797, the two brothers completed arrangements with John Mong, a Frederick County millwright to construct "a set of mills," a grist mill and a saw mill. On March 13, Jacob Keefer and John Eckert contracted "to mould and burn a kiln of brick" for the mill, "providing 100,000 brick or more, to be paid for at the rate of one French crown for every thousand brick." The brick kiln was constructed near the creek, known in previous years as Pipeclay Creek. The house had its origin on January 26 of the same year, when a contract was made with Henry Kohlstock of York County, Pennsylvania, for building a small double house as a residence for the two brothers. Kohlstock, a joiner, agreed "to finish two small houses 14 by 17 feet each, to be connected by a porch and passage about 10 feet wide." Each house had one upper and one lower room, with a connecting center hallway and a small porch in front, twelve by eight feet. The carpenter's bill for labor gives an interesting idea of costs in 1797: Lower floors for small house 5 dols. Upper floor, rough 3 dols. Windows, casing, frames and sash 2 dols. each Doors, casings, etc. 2 dols.each Weatherboarding, stairs, porch, cornice seats, washboards 3 dols. Painting 6 dols. The total labor costs for the house came to eighty-six dollars!"

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