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TimeLine 1868 - Richard Melville Shivers - Birth Jan 26 1868 - Indiana 1909 - William Shivers - Death Nov 1 1909 Wakefield Kansas 1.1. Richard H Shivers Sp. Elizabeth Bonham 2.1 Charles E Shivers 2.2 Samuel Smith Shivers 2.3 Dorsie E Shivers 2.4 Francis Marion Shivers 2.5 Mary Jane Shivers 2.6 Richard Melville Shivers B. Jan 26 1868 - Indiana D. Feb 4 1935 - Elk ownship, Cloud County, Kansas Sp. Anna Elizabeth "Lizzie" Beal B. Dec 8 1868 - Uniontown, Pa D. Jul 17 1947 - Concordia, Cloud County, Kansas 2.7 Robert M Shivers 2.8 Lillie May Shivers
1.1 Samuel Shivers sp. Barbara Spiker 2.1 Robert W Shivers B. Nov 29 1844 Cadis, Ohio D. Aug 28 1911 Grover Weld County, Colorado C. Sligo Cemetery, Grover, Weld County, Colorado Sp. Louvisa Eleanor Gillman B. Oct 30 1851 Sullivan Co, Indiana D. Dec 28 1918 Grover Weld County, Colorado C. Sligo Cemetery, Grover, Weld County, Colorado 3.1 Robert W Shivers Jr. Sp. Merry 4.1 Robert Elvin Shivers WW2 B. Feb 14 1911 Colorado d. Jul 3 1995 Santa Clara California 4.2 Letha Shivers 4.3 Mabel Shivers 3.2 Mary Shivers 3.3 Fairy Belle Shivers B. May 20 1880 Sp. Randolph S Tucker 3.4 Gertrude Shivers 2.2 Richard H Shivers Sp. Elizabeth Bonham 3.1 Charles E Shivers 3.2 Samuel Smith Shivers "Postmaster" 3.3 Dorsie E Shivers 3.4 Francis Marion Shivers 3.5 Mary Jane Shivers 3.6 Richard Melville Shivers 3.7 Robert M Shivers B. 1865 Kansas M. Mar 10 1887 Colorado City Colorado Sp. Amanda Jackson 3.8 Lillie May Shivers 2.3 William Shivers "Union Army" B. Mar 15 1838 Harrison County, Ohio D. Nov 1 1909 - Wakefield, Kansas M. Feb 19 1863 - Tuscarawas County, Oh Sp. Nancy A "Tucker" Trickle 3.1 Charles Grant Shivers 3.2 James T Shivers 3.3 Flora A Shivers 3.4 Ida Belle Shivers 3.5 Sina Orilla Shivers 3.6 William Preston Shivers B. Mar 11 1883 Clay Center, Kansas 3.7 Walter R Shivers

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I found your information while searching for Mariah Angeline Gilman, 
sister of Martha Ann Gilman, my gg grandmother. When I saw that I had 
reached a page of Shivers', I did a little more looking. 
Richard Melville Shivers was a second marriage for my g grandmother, 
Annie Elizabeth Burch. They had no children, and I don't know if this 
was a second marriage for RM Shivers. Annie Burch was the daughter in 
law of Martha Ann Gilman. Her first husband, Martin Van Buren Burch 
died of diabetes. 

RM "Mel" Shivers was born January 26, 1868 in Indiana and 
died February 4, 1935 in Elk Township, Cloud County, Kansas. He is buried 
in the Mount Hope Cemetary, Clyde, Kansas.

AE Beal (Burch)(Shivers) was born December 8, 1868 
in Uniontown, Fayetty County, Pennsylvania 
and died July 17, 1947 in Concordia, Clound County, Kansas. 
She is buried in the Mount Hope Cemetary, Clyde, Kansas - 
right between her first husband MVB Burch and her second husband, 
RM Shivers. RM Shivers was my Dad's 'Grandpa' and although Dad was 
quite young when Mel died, he does remember Mel making rope and 
doing other chores around the farm.

I fear I do not have much information for you, but I certainly enjoyed 
your site. You have done a lot of work and I am quite jealous that you 
are able to find out so much! My Burch family have been quite elusive, 
but I will keep trying!

Maggie Burch
2335-85 Street
Edmonton, AB 
Canada T6K 3H1

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