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The Australian branch of the Chivers/Chevers/Chievre/Cheever(s) Family.
claims its origins in Anson County NC with Judge Joel Chivers.

Submitted Email:Gidday James,
Just a really quick note to say hi, and check in with you that things are
going ok for you and yours.
I have been so busy back at school that I haven't been able to give a second
thought to my research.  However, I am making some significant headway after
getting in contact with my CHIVERS cousin here in Australia.  She has traced
other family lines back to convict transportations, which is very exciting
as no other parts of my family were transported convicts.
Again, I hope that you are well, and your family are all happy and healthy!

Here goes my question.....
I have firmly tied back to Joel CHIVERS & Ann UNKNOWN in MS in the 1850
census with their numerous children.  Joel and Ann are both stated as being
born in NC.
I have found a CHIVERS family in NC with 2 generations (ancestral to my
Joel) of the name Joel being carried through.  
Do you think that I could make a fair assumption based on a) the spelling of
the surname being correct and b)the presence of the first name Joel would
make 4 generations in a row using the same name.
I would dearly love an opinion on this matter, as I am really stuck, as I
cannot get a census lookup in 1820 

My cousin here in Australia who had different details from me has now made
"wonderous discoveries", and somehow as ended up at the same NC roots as I
already that one out!!!!  So her information differs from
mine at Texas (when I go from Texas to MS), and she ends up at the same
family!!!!  So I am feeling much better about my research.  She says she is
in contact with relatives over there......I wonder if she has found you yet


Thomas CHIVERS was born about 1725. He married Frances G. PIERSON about 1750. 
Frances G. PIERSON was born about 1730. She married Thomas CHIVERS about 1750. 
They had the following children: 

*  M i   Joel CHIVERS 
   M ii  Algernon Sidney CHIVERS was born about 1752 in South Carolina, USA.  
   M iii James Madison CHIVERS was born about 1754 in South Carolina, USA.  
   F iv  Jane A T CHIVERS was born about 1756 in South Carolina, USA.  
   M v   Robert CHIVERS was born about 1758 in South Carolina, USA.  

*      Joel CHIVERS was born about 1750 in North Carolina, USA. He died
       about 1784 in Anson County, North Carolina, USA. He married Sarah HOLLEY
       about 1768. 

       Sarah HOLLEY was born about 1750 in Anson County, North Carolina, USA. She
       died in 1803 in Washington, Ga, USA. She married Joel CHIVERS about 1768. 
       They had the following children: 

       M i   Thomas Holley CHIVERS was born about 1768 in North Carolina, USA.  
       M ii  Judge Joel CHIVERS 
       M iii Larkin CHIVERS was born about 1771 in Anson County, North Carolina, USA. 
             He died in 1842 in Early, Ga, USA.  
       F iv  Sabrina CHIVERS 
       F v   Jane CHIVERS was born about 1774 in Anson County, North Carolina, USA. 
             She died about 1790 in Wilkes, Ga, USA.  
       F vi  Jamimah CHIVERS 

Data found within the Shivers Family archives. 

CHIVERS, THOMAS H. Joel Chivers to have my land at $12.00 an acre, if he does not take 
it executors to sell it and purchase more for the use of my family. To wife Frances, slaves, 
horse and gig, etc. To sons Algernon and James, slave, etc. To dau. Jane A. T. Chivers a slave. 
To child in esse a slave. Sons James and Robert to be educated for (torn). 
Signed Oct. (torn) 1816. Probated Mar. 3, 1817. 
John Wingfield, Michael Pearson, John B. Nelson, Test.

*extracted from The Early Records of Georgia, Volume I, Wilkes County*