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Witheridge in England

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Witheridge Tower.

So we now have an idea of who the Chevers family in England was after leaving France and prior to the escape and relocation of Thomas Chevers to America. Always the Chevers family was respected, held in high places and honored by their friends and neighbors, It also shows how determined England is in voiding the world of Catholics. These towers were no doubt the scene of horrific crimes against man,woman and child when those murders happened because the recorded braggings of Cromwell mentions Quartering the Chevers bodies and burying parts in the 4 corners of that provence. Women flocked to the town crosses and were murdered on the spot, a place of prayer became a place of identification.

Currently No more remnants of Chevers held properties have been located in England but the search continues and will never end till proper respects and burial cememonies have been performed for these Saints and Martyr's of the family.

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