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Lineage of Shanjan Acacio Shivers
1. Herman Shivers
 sp. - Hertrudes Enriquez
  2.1 Eddie Enriquez Shivers
    sp. - Dolores Rojas Perez
     3.1 - twin 1 (dec)
     3.2 - twin 2 (dec)
     3.3 - twin 3 (dec)
     3.4 - twin 4 (dec)
     3.5 - unknown (dec)
     3.6 - unknown (dec)
     3.7 Matea Shivers
     3.8 Aurura Shivers
     3.9 Eduardo Perez Shivers
      sp. - Natividad Cuaycong Acacio
        4.1 Shanjan Acacio Shivers
        4.2 Christian Shivers (dec)
     3.10 Dominador Shivers
     3.11 Annita Shivers
     3.12 Albert Shivers

1. Unknown Acacio
 sp. - Unknown
   2.1 Lilia Acacio
    sp. - ? Santos
   2.2 Natividad Cuaycong Acacio
    sp. - Eduardo Perez Shivers
     3.1 Shanjan Acacio Shivers
     3.2 Christian Shivers (dec)

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Submission : Shanjan Acacio Shivers

Hello its me Shanjan Acacio Shivers from 
the Philippines, Its been a long time since. 
I'll be sending you some papers and family 
pictures so that you can knoe us better.. 
 By the way if by God's will I may be visiting 
your country soon I am planning on enrolling 
to either MMI (Motorcycle Mechanics Institute) 
or AMI American Motorcycle Institute in Arizona,
Florida respectively.. Im a graduate of Bachelor 
of Science Mechanical Engineering and been a car 
and motorcycle enthusias (got from my Father) 
but more on motorcycles specially the harlly 
and ducati I like V-twin engine designs and also 
the cars I have my heart with Carol Shelbys 
427 Cobra its just so beautifull with all the curves 
and a rumbling ford 351 under the hood 
(heard it only on tv,my confession) I have some 
collection of magazines motorcyclist,cycleworld
(peter egan and kevin cameron) ,easyrider,hotbike,
rider and some others while in cars I have road and
track(my favorite peter egan and dennis semanitis),
motortrend,kitcar illustrated (427 cobra),and some 
european magz. like the porsch excellence mag.I have 
my exp! osure to this mechanical things (engine and 
all) from my father I help him whenever he fixes our 
old jeep and when i go with him in his work He is a 
grains plant supervisor from National Food Authority
(government owned) he supervises the milling of 
rice/corn I also work in NFA as a warehouse assistant 
I assist the warehouse supervisor base on daily 
activities but im working on a different place my 
dad's workplace is in Zamboanga City our hometown 
and me i work 210 kilometers away in Zamboanga
Sibugay a different the way im their 
only child were a catholic family and very close 
to each other my dads brothers ans sisters are in 
San Mateo Rizal,Luzon Philippins that the 1st big 
island if you look at the philippine map while were 
in mindanao the last/below island..  
  Until Here hope you will reply..
God Bless you and your loved ones.. 

Shanjan A. Shivers 
647 Hector Suarez Ave.,Tumaga 
Zamboanga City.