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Bowes Lyon from Chevers

Some inter-marriages of the Bourdet, Bordet or Burdett family of Normandy,
Lords of Cuilly and their descendants.

	Roger Chievre (Capra) *
Robert Bordet I
__________________________ |____________________________
	William Chievre			       	Robert Bordet II
Hugh Bordett,
	( Companion of the			      	 Lord of Cuilly
ancestor of the
	Conqueror)			                 	( Companion
of the Conqueror)** 		            Burdett Baronets.  
		|			                    		|
( Companion of the Conqueror)**
		|			                    		|			  
           William Chievre living 1096                 	Hugh de Cuilly
		|				                        |
 Sibylla Chievre = Robert Bordet, Signr de Cuilly,
Walter de Cuilly
		       |           Prince of Tarragona |		   

|        			           |
        				William, Signr de Aguillon,
Manasser de Aguillon,           Simon, ancestor of the
				Prince of Tarragona. Lost
ancestor of the Barons           De Cuillys of Normandy
				the Principality in 1172

    * So named in an ancient Latin document
      in Normandy, Capra  - Goat.

    **"Robert II and his brother Hugh were seated in England at the
Conquest. From the former, descended the House of De Cuilly (see 
        Colley-Wellesley), and from the latter The Burdetts Baronets".  P.
178, The Norman People, (1874) published by H.S. King,   
        London author not named.

Robert Bordet II has been identified as the ancestor of the "House of De
Cuilly... (Colley-Wellesley)"  but through which branch of his
descendants this descent is derived, cannot now be ascertained . The Colley
surname derives from Cuilly. The Wellesley surname was assumed by Richard
Colley in 1728 upon inheriting the Wellesley estates from a cousin Garrett
Wellesley. The Colley-Wellesley descent could conceivably derive from the
marriage of Robert Bordet II's grandson, Robert who married Sibylla Chievre.
This line of descent would give the present occupant of the British throne a
"Chievre" descent. (see below).

								Hugh de
Cuilly, living 1309, was Constable of Kenilworth. 	

           |	|
Thomas Culey
Richard Culey, living 1361


John   Culley


John   Culley


William   Colley

|	              |		
Anthony Colley				              Walter  Colley+
Robert  Colley+
Ancestor of the extinct				(+ both went to Ireland,
temp. Henry VIII)
Lords of Glaston.						  |
							A descendant
							 Richard Colley,
adopted the surname Wellesley
							 in  1728, and was
created Baron Mornington in 1746. 
							Garrett  Wellesley,
created 1st Earl of Mornington

Richard Wellesley
Arthur  Wellesley
Marquess Wellesley
created Duke of Wellington
          	       Anne= Lord William Cavendish-Bentinck
Rev.Charles Cavendish . Bentinck
        	        Nina = Claude Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore
and Kinghorne
        Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon = King George VI