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Roger "Capra " Chievre

Firstly Roger de la Pommerai was not the father of Ralf/Radulphus.
The Doomsday Book refers to Ralph, William and Hugh as brothers and Beatrice
as a sister.
If you consult "The Victoria County History of Devonshire" you will see
William Capra with the note as Chievre in the Exchequer Book. An interesting
footnote relating to William stated that he was the brother of Ralf de
Colonel Pomeroy refers to Roger as not having a surname, three times in The
History and Genealogy of the Pomeroy Family,but refers to the "Calendar of
Documents preserved in France illustrative of the history of G.B. and
Ireland." Page 536, Vol.1, A.D.918-1206, reveals two glaring omissions,
Roger did have a surname and also the name of wife was given. "The Calendar
of Documents of France" describes Roger as Roger Capra, and gives his wife's
name as Petronilla.
The document continues and is translated as follows:
"I Roger Chievre have, with the consent of my wife Petronilla, and my son
William, given to God and the Church of St.Mary of the Valley 20 acres of
land at Cauville and in Delbot's mill 10 sesters of Grist and six sesters of
wheat for my soul and the souls of my forefathers."
In the Latin records of Normandy, Roger the ancestor of the Che(e)vers and
Pomeroy families , is desciibed as "Capra" and his son William and daughter
Beatrice are both described in English (Norman) Latin records as "Capra".
From the fact that the Chievre surname was used by Roger and his son William
and daughter Beatrice, it can be concluded that the English Pomeroys would
have borne the same surname had not Ralph and his descendants been known as
"of the Orchard."  My own view is that most likely a naive view was taken
that if father and two siblings were known as Capra/Chievre and Ralf as
Pommerai(e) the inference was that he was not legitimate- this is certainly
not the view of the Chevers family and I am of the senior branch of that
From the History and Genealogy of the Pomeroy family we learn that Beatrix
was a sub-tenant of her brothers William and Ralph. Following the Conquest,
she was Abbess of the Benedictine Abbey of St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall.
This association with St. Michael's Mount by the Chievre branch of the
familywas followed about a century later by an interesting association with
the Mount by the Pomeroy branch of the family. One of Beatrice's Pomeroy
kinsmen, one Henry de Pomeroy, was a staunch supporter of Prince John
against his brother King Richard 1.
Henry Pomeroy was forced to flee to St.Michael's Mount, where he held out
until capture became inevitable. St.Michael's Mount then became the scene of
a most unusual suicide. Rather than face capture and death at the hands of
the executioner and subsequent confiscation of his estates, Henry called in
his surgeon and had himself bled to death.
Incidentally a Canadian - R.Thomas Cheevers published an articel in Devon
and Cornwall Notes and Queries on this very matter and I have quoted from
his article.
I trust this clears up any doubts you might have on the matter - but do
research the sources I have named.

Yours sincerely

Max Chevers